NTRI Workshop 9th & 10th November, IIT Madras Research Park

Trauma Care Systems

9th & 10th November 2017. Chennai

Tamil Nadu Accident and Emergency Care Initiative, Govt of Tamil Nadu (TAEI)
National Trauma Research Institute, Australia (NTRI)
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M)
Profiles of all Speakers are available here (PDF)

Session Speaker Topic
Introduction Dr.Darez Ahamed Vision for Tamil Nadu (PPT)
Prof Dr Mark Fitzgerald What is a Trauma System and Trauma System components (PPT)
Prof Venkatesh Balasubramanian Current state road accident database and requirements for integration of a trauma registry (PPT)
Prof Dr Peter Cameron Measuring the quality of trauma systems and in-hospital trauma care (PPT)
Prof Dr Amit Gupta AITSC Trauma Registry & Trauma Quality Improvement In India (PPT)
Care of
Trauma Patients
Dr.Ramana Rao Pre-hospital services in Tamil Nadu (PPT)
Prof Gita Krishnan Ramadurai Use of RADAMS and 108 Avasaram App in Trauma Care (PPT)
Dr Joseph Mathew Designation of Trauma Hospitals in a Trauma System (PPT)
Asso Prof Ian Patrick Pre-hospital systems in Australia (PPT)
Shri Dayanand Kataria IAS
Transport Commissioner
Road Safety Status (PPT)
Panel Discussion
care of
Dr.Rajesh CMO
In-hospital care of trauma patients in Tamil Nadu – current systems for Management of Adults (PPT)
Prof.Dr.Indumathy Santhanam
In-hospital care of trauma patients in Tamil Nadu – current systems for Management of Children (PPT)
Prof Dr Mark Fitzgerald Integrated in-hospital trauma care – building blocks that save lives (PPT)
Ms Ellaine Boo Role of Trauma Nursing (PPT)
Mrs. Sulochana
Current status of Trauma Nursing In TN (PPT)
Dr.Raja S Vignesh
(Thoothukudi Medical College)
In Hospital Care of Patient by Neurosurgeon (PPT)
(Cuddalore GH)
In Hospital Care of Patients by Orthopaedician (PPT)
Prof.Dr.G.Justin Paul
Hub and Spoke Model for STEMI Management – Tamil Nadu Model (PPT)
Dr.Joseph Mathew: Trauma Units and Team Work (PPT)
Breakout session